• awareness. empowerment. reform.

    Medical Cannabis Education
    and Advocacy Service Provider.

  • awareness. empowerment. reform.

    We educate patients, practitioners
    businesses, and lawmakers to empower ‘Life Change’ with Medical Cannabis.

  • awareness. empowerment. reform.

    We catalyze reform by eliminating the obstacles
    preventing safe access to medical cannabis.

Our Mission

At VAHA, our mission is to increase Awareness of the efficacy of Medical Cannabis, Empower patients to regain control over their health through a Holistic approach, and Reform barriers restricting access to medical cannabis.

Our Why

The long-term pharmaceutical-based treatments for physical and mental health conditions continues to have severe negative impacts and are largely responsible for the decline in overall health, increased substance abuse, and an ever-increasing suicide rate among our communities.  In the last ten years, we have lost more Military Veterans to Suicide than were lost in combat during the entire Vietnam War.  Within the last five, more First Responders have taken their own lives by Suicide than have died in the Line of Duty. Pharmaceutical Opioid Overdoses have increased 6x as the United States recorded close to 1 Million Overdose Deaths within the last two decades. It is time for change.

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REAP the benefits of VAHA’s proven process.R.E.A.P.

Research is conducted to Inform our Actions, Empower our Alliance, and allow for timely and proper Integration of Medical Cannabis to assist in achieving a state of balanced well-being through a Holistic Approach. Learn More
“The Backbone of our Organization and the Key to Change.” Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives presents personal experiences and data-driven information on the efficacy of Medical Cannabis to educate, empower, and reform current barriers to access. Our efforts are driven by our own personal crucibles, the quest for answers to achieve normalcy and stability for ourselves and our families, and a leap of faith to integrate Medical-Grade Cannabis when all other options within the medical community fell short of our needs. Learn More
We assist patients, businesses, and policy groups by sharing our authentic experiences backed by credible research that clearly reveals the proven efficacy of Medical Cannabis. The Advocacy efforts of the Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives are a combination of Individual and Social actions designed to gain social acceptance, policy support, and systems support for the integration of Medical Cannabis within our personal healthcare options. Learn More
The ultimate goal of the Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives. Through its Cannabis Education and personal Advocacy efforts, we assist in eliminating Barriers to Access for Medical Cannabis by reforming the policies that have created them. The Research conducted by VAHA fuels our Educational Outreach and Advocacy efforts that ultimately lead to Policy Reform (REAP). Learn More

Core Values

"Our Core Values are the Guiding Principles VAHA embodies in our Service to those who have committed their lives, and those of their families, to the service and protection of Others. "

Authenticity Above All…

We are genuine in our approach to connecting with and serving the needs of others, as well as our own. We embody Integrity, Accountability, Courage, Vulnerability, Transparency, and Trust above all.

Surrender the Outcome

We Surrender the Outcome and commit to the daily activities that Strengthens Our Positions and Yields the Desired Outcomes of reform. We set Goals. We Commit. We execute. We Achieve.

Do Uncomfortable Work

Uncomfortable conversation is the path to Education, Enlightenment, and Sustainable Reform. Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives commits to the daily discomforts that facilitates the necessary communication, understanding, and action that ultimately leads to reform.

Others before Ourselves

Because of our own personal crucibles during and after service, We represent and serve those who Protect and Serve others. Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives is deeply committed to the unbiased presentation of information that our communities need to make informed decisions about the efficacy and integration of Medical Cannabis into their current healthcare options.

Collaboration is the Key to Success

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work.” We promote the diverse integration of effort from those who have recognized deficiencies in the continuum of Healthcare after service, and seek the control and balance governing our overall well-being.

Absolute Respect Among the Community

“For those who have served and have lost a part of themselves in that service, We seek peace and longevity with, and for those We love.” For those who choose, or have no choice, “VAHA understands, respects, and honors the requests for discretion.”

Our ServicesMedical Cannabis Education


Foster the knowledge and skills to help yourself or loved ones see real and immediate benefits from Cannabis Therapy. We host information sessions tailored to specific patients and patient groups interested…


Develop your Team’s expertise to guide your patients and customers towards the products and delivery methods that will work for them. Expand your client base through positive referrals to catalyze growth.

Medical Professionals

Expand treatment options to help your patients find relief to prescription drugs by familiarizing yourself with Cannabis, its efficacy, and routes of administration. Provide patients in need w/ safe, alternative…

Colleges and Universities

Understand a Marine Officer’s journey to Medical Cannabis. Provide your students and future leaders with Access to the Truth. Learn about ‘Marijuana’, its medical efficacy, and the heavy stigmas surrounding its use.

Medical Cannabis Education and Advocacy Service Provider