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Research is conducted to Inform our Actions, Empower our Alliance, and allow for timely and proper Integration of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics to assist in achieving a state of balanced well-being through a Holistic Approach. Learn More
“The Backbone of our Organization and the Key to Change.” Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives presents personal experiences and data-driven information on the efficacy of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic assisted treatments to educate, empower, and reform current barriers to access. Our efforts are driven by our own personal crucibles, the quest for answers to achieve normalcy and stability for ourselves and our families, and a leap of faith to integrate medical cannabis and psychedelic assisted programs when all other options within the medical community fell short of our needs. Learn More
We assist patients, businesses, and policymakers by sharing our authentic experiences backed by credible research that clearly reveals the proven efficacy of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic assisted treatments. The Advocacy efforts of the Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives are a combination of Individual and Social actions designed to gain social acceptance, policy support, and systems support for the integration of Medical Cannabis within our personal healthcare options. Learn More
The ultimate goal of the Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives. Through its Education and Advocacy efforts, we assist in eliminating barriers to access Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics by reforming the policies that have created them. The Research conducted by VAHA fuels our Educational Outreach and Advocacy efforts that ultimately lead to Policy Reform (REAP). Learn More


Our Focus in Advocacy is to address and reform unmet and neglected healthcare needs for Veterans of the Military, First Response, and Trauma Communities.
Our services are designed to Integrate with and Add Value to Targeted Reform Strategies at the Local, State, and Federal levels. 
Our Commitment is undaunted in our mission to increase social acceptance, reform policy, and gain systems support for the integration of Medical Cannabis as a legitimate and affordable healthcare option within our Communities.   


For those who have served and have lost a part of themselves in that service, We seek peace and longevity with, and for those We love.” For those who choose, or have no choice, “VAHA understands, respects, and honors the requests for discretion.”


Patient Groups
The Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives represents, protects, and provides options for Veterans of the Military, First Response, and Trauma Communities.  We Ensure the Voices of Our Communities are heard, while defending and safeguarding Individual rights on the path to reduce pharmaceutical dependency and improve overall health and well-being. 

Businesses and Organizations
Help us help you.  Use the unique experiences and powerful perspectives of the Veterans Alliance to pierce the heavy stigmas preventing patient conversion into the Medical Cannabis Community.  Increasing patient numbers will deliver an influx of positive, credible testimonials that will, in turn, catalyze the much-needed healthcare reform.  Our powerful presentations provide a ground-level, patient perspective on the efficacy of medical cannabis that yields immediate results. 

Policy Groups
VAHA Teams with Policy Groups and Organizations to Add Value and Affect Change.  Closed-Door Discussions, On the Floor with Key Political Leaders, and/or Delivering Powerful Testimonies that integrate with your current efforts; VAHA Strengthens the Efforts of targeted reform strategies and increases the odds for its success. Let us assist you in moving the Needle of Change! 

Become an Advocate
We cannot do this alone.  Advocates are vital to this process and assist greatly in shaping legislative reform in your own State and across the Country.  Become one of VAHA’s Principle Advocates and help lead the Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives in its reform efforts.  You are vital to our success.  

  • Veterans of First Response (Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMS)
  • Veterans of Military Service
  • Veterans of Trauma
  • Spouses of All of the Above

Education and Advocacy Service Provider for Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics