soldiers in a war

VAHA Core Values

  • Authenticity Above All…

    We are genuine in our approach to connecting with and serving the needs of others, as well as our own. We embody Integrity, Accountability, Courage, Vulnerability, Transparency, and Trust above all.

  • Surrender the Outcome

    We Surrender the Outcome and commit to the daily activities that Strengthens Our Positions and Yields the Desired Outcomes of reform. We execute. We Achieve.

  • Do Uncomfortable Work

    Uncomfortable conversation is the path to Education, Enlightenment, and Sustainable Reform. Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives commits to the daily discomforts that facilitates the necessary communication, understanding, and action that ultimately leads to reform.

  • Others before Ourselves

    Because of our own personal crucibles during and after service, We represent and serve those who Protect and Serve others. Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives is deeply committed to the unbiased presentation of information that our communities need to make informed decisions about the efficacy and integration of Medical Cannabis into their current healthcare options.

  • Collaboration is the Key to Success

    “Teamwork makes the Dream Work.” We promote the diverse integration of effort from those who have recognized deficiencies in the continuum of Healthcare after service, and seek the control and balance governing our overall well-being.

  • Absolute Respect Among the Community

    “For those who have served and have lost a part of themselves in that service, We seek peace and longevity with, and for those We love.” For those who choose, or have no choice, “VAHA understands, respects, and honors the requests for discretion.”

Education and Advocacy Service Provider for Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics