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Gary Hess and his family

Gary P. Hess

Gary Hess is the founder and Executive Director of the Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives (VAHA), CEO of Teleleaf, and Partner of Dynamic Growth Solutions – organizations he founded to help destigmatize and provide access to medical cannabis.

Gary served in the Marine Corps for 11 years, both enlisted and as an Infantry Officer. After serving during the heaviest levels of fighting in Irag, Gary experienced the challenges of living with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, and pharmaceutical dependency first-hand. He used cannabis not only to manage his conditions safely on his path to recovery, but also to catalyze and expedite Post-Traumatic Growth. He is now an advocate and activist for the use of medical cannabis in post-traumatic recovery – both for veterans and trauma survivors.

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Michael 'Mick' Patrick Mulroy

Michael ‘Mick’ Patrick Mulroy

Michael “Mick” Patrick Mulroy is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East. He is also a retired CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer in the Special Activities Center and a United States Marine. He is a Senior Fellow for the Middle East Institute, an ABC News National Security Analyst, and a Co-founder of Lobo Institute.

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Eric Oehlerich

Eric Oehlerich is a proven operational leader and international strategist with more than 20 years’ experience working some of the nation’s most challenging problems while serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL Officer. His geographic responsibility spanned the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Having completed 14 overseas deployments, Eric has lived through and led hundreds of high-risk combat missions and training exercises that provided a security blanket against extremism for the international community. Currently he is a Co-founder of Lobo Institute, a Senior Fellow for the Middle East Institute, and an ABC news analyst.

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Peter M. Prevot

Mr. Prevot has been actively involved in medical cannabis licensing procurement in Louisiana and Missouri. He represented Columbia Care Louisiana in pursuit of production contracts with Louisiana State University and Southern University and also served as the organization’s Controller. He went on to lead a diverse team of professionals in pursuit of dispensary licenses in Louisiana. The applications produced by Mr. Prevot’s team were ranked #1 in five of the state’s nine regions and his clients were ultimately awarded three of the nine dispensary permits available. He was later able to replicate this success by obtaining cultivation and dispensary permits for clients in Missouri.

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“For those who have served and have lost a part of themselves in that service, We seek peace and longevity with, and for those We love.” For those who choose, or have no choice, “VAHA understands, respects, and honors the requests for discretion.”

Gary P. Hess

Founder & CEO

Medical Cannabis Education and Advocacy Service Provider