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Dr. Hemant Kumar Bid Ph.D., MS

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Dr. Hemant Bid

With national expertise in medical biochemistry and pharmacology, faculty member of St. Louis University and the Cleveland School of Cannabis.

Dr. Hemant Kumar Bid, Ph.D. MS. is a top educator in the cannabis field. As a faculty member at both St. Louis University and the Cleveland School of Cannabis, Dr. Bid uses his extensive background in cannabinoid research to educate cannabis and medical professionals and infuse the industry with science-backed legitimacy. He has lectured nationally and internationally on how medical cannabis affects the body and how it is used to treat illnesses from a neuroscience perspective. Dr. Bid completed his doctorate degree in Medical Biochemistry and graduated from Ohio State University with an MS (Pharmacology) degree. He has 20 years of clinical and translational research experience in the field of drug discovery and health care management.

Dr. Bid dedicates himself to cannabis education with specific focuses on the medicinal value of cannabis, augmenting endocannabinoid (ECS) health and motivating the industry forward with a research-based, integrative approach to cannabinoids. He advocates for the plant on the basis of its unique status as both a preventative and a therapeutic medicine.

In addition to teaching graduate students, Dr. Bid serves as Director of Research for CP Labs, a cannabis testing laboratory in Columbus, Ohio. At CP, he conducts cannabinoid profiling, microbiological screening, pesticide screening, terpene analysis, residual solvent analysis and heavy metal testing in order to guarantee the quality, potency and regulatory compliance of cannabis products in the state of Ohio.

Dr. Bid’s research has been published in peer-reviewed journals more than 80 times over the course of his career. He also moderates cannabis forums on Clubhouse, a live audio platform with a thriving cannabis community.