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Policy Reform for Medical Cannabis

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REAP the benefits of VAHA’s proven process.Policy Reform

Research is conducted to Inform our Actions, Empower our Alliance, and allow for timely and proper Integration of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics to assist in achieving a state of balanced well-being through a Holistic Approach. Learn More
“The Backbone of our Organization and the Key to Change.” Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives presents personal experiences and data-driven information on the efficacy of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic assisted treatments to educate, empower, and reform current barriers to access. Our efforts are driven by our own personal crucibles, the quest for answers to achieve normalcy and stability for ourselves and our families, and a leap of faith to integrate medical cannabis and psychedelic assisted programs when all other options within the medical community fell short of our needs. Learn More
We assist patients, businesses, and policymakers by sharing our authentic experiences backed by credible research that clearly reveals the proven efficacy of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic assisted treatments. The Advocacy efforts of the Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives are a combination of Individual and Social actions designed to gain social acceptance, policy support, and systems support for the integration of Medical Cannabis within our personal healthcare options. Learn More
The ultimate goal of the Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives. Through its Education and Advocacy efforts, we assist in eliminating barriers to access Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics by reforming the policies that have created them. The Research conducted by VAHA fuels our Educational Outreach and Advocacy efforts that ultimately lead to Policy Reform (REAP). Learn More


Our Efforts
The efforts of our Proven Process culminate with the Reform of Legislative Policies preventing the Veteran, First Response, and Trauma Communities from accessing Medical Cannabis.  When integrated as a primary or adjunct therapy, Medical Cannabis has proven to be effective for those who suffer with PTSD, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, and many other inflammatory diseases and disorders as a result of our Service to this Nation.  With the ever-increasing Opioid and Suicide crises among our Communities, the Time for Change is Now.

VAHA Strengthens the Efforts of targeted reform strategies and increases the odds for its success.   We Team with other professional organizations, businesses, and patient groups to Add Value and affect change.  Closed-Door Discussions, On the Floor with Key Political Leaders, and/or delivering Powerful, Unbiased Testimonies that integrate with your current efforts; Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives can serve as a Force Multiplier and Catalyst to your Team’s much-needed Success.


The Backbone of our Organization and the Key to Change.


Our Authentic, and unique Perspective as a result of Extreme Adversity in our service to this Nation, the degradation of Our Personal Health as a result of it, and the utilization of Medical Cannabis as a last resort to improve Our personal and Family Health are the common experiences shared among our Team.

We move the ‘Needle of Change.’  With a great number of lives being lost daily, we select only the Best to represent Our Communities when the time for representation is needed.  Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives recruits a diverse group of Advocates from the Veteran and First Response Communities through a stringent vetting process.   We retain Professionals who reflect Our Core Values, are passionate about our Mission, and commit themselves to our proven process to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Education and Advocacy Service Provider for Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics