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Our Proven Research

REAP the benefits of VAHA’s proven process.Research

Research is conducted to Inform our Actions, Empower our Alliance, and allow for timely and proper Integration of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics to assist in achieving a state of balanced well-being through a Holistic Approach. Learn More
“The Backbone of our Organization and the Key to Change.” Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives presents personal experiences and data-driven information on the efficacy of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic assisted treatments to educate, empower, and reform current barriers to access. Our efforts are driven by our own personal crucibles, the quest for answers to achieve normalcy and stability for ourselves and our families, and a leap of faith to integrate medical cannabis and psychedelic assisted programs when all other options within the medical community fell short of our needs. Learn More
We assist patients, businesses, and policymakers by sharing our authentic experiences backed by credible research that clearly reveals the proven efficacy of Medical Cannabis and Psychedelic assisted treatments. The Advocacy efforts of the Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives are a combination of Individual and Social actions designed to gain social acceptance, policy support, and systems support for the integration of Medical Cannabis within our personal healthcare options. Learn More
The ultimate goal of the Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives. Through its Education and Advocacy efforts, we assist in eliminating barriers to access Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics by reforming the policies that have created them. The Research conducted by VAHA fuels our Educational Outreach and Advocacy efforts that ultimately lead to Policy Reform (REAP). Learn More


Fuels VAHA’s Educational Outreach and Advocacy Programs
The purpose of our research efforts is to inform our Actions and Empower our Alliance. Our research provides factual, quantifiable data to present among our audiences through VAHA’s Unique Perspective. Our continued efforts to educate and advocate on the efficacy of Medical Cannabis are fueled through our consistent and persistent research efforts.

Reduces Current Barriers to Research
According to the US Federal Government, even today, Cannabis does not and has not been proven to have any medical benefits. This is clearly reflected in its decision to have Cannabis remain on the list of Schedule 1 Narcotics, along with Heroin and Methamphetamines. Not only does this create access obstacles for patients in need, but its classification continues to severely hinder research efforts within the United States and abroad.

For those who have served and have lost a part of themselves in that service, We seek peace and longevity with, and for those We love.” For those who choose, or have no choice, “VAHA understands, respects, and honors the requests for discretion.”


Provides Credible, Up-to-Date Information to Our Clients and Communities
Providing consistent, unbiased information will allow our Communities to make informed decisions about the efficacy, uses, and routes of administration of Medical Cannabis. VAHA’s research efforts allow our communities to increase control over their own health and enhance pathways for recovery and balance.

Promotes Collaboration
Effective medicine that yields tangible results and more control to the patient transcends geography and cultural barriers. It is the single principle that drives the Veteran’s Alliance for Holistic Alternatives in its mission. We do not have all of the answers and seek the expertise of many others who share the same vision.

Education and Advocacy Service Provider for Medical Cannabis and Psychedelics