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VAHA Announces Board Appointments Two Decorated Combat Vets join to boost Cannabis Awareness, Empowerment, Reform

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New Orleans, LA – Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives CEO, Gary Hess, announced today that two national leaders and decorated combat veterans are joining the VAHA board of directors.

“As we grow and expand our service to the veteran community, we’ll benefit from the insights, perspectives and voices of leaders who share our commitment to awareness, empowerment and reform,” Hess said.

Joining the VAHA board are Michael Patrick Mulroy and Eric Oehlerich, both retired military veterans who continue serving their country as trainers and educators at the national and international levels.

Michael “Mick” Patrick Mulroy is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East. He is a retired CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer in the Special Activities Center and a United States Marine. He is a Senior Fellow for the Middle East Institute and an ABC News National Security Analyst. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Augusta University and a law degree from Samford University. 

Mulroy said today, “It is time for the stigma that surrounds the use of cannabis as medical treatment to be shed. Too many veterans and their doctors believe it provides them relief for critical medical conditions that have come directly from their service to our nation. Through VAHA we can reach the millions of people who suffer.” 

Eric Oehlerich is a proven operational leader and international strategist with more than 20 years’ experience working some of the nation’s most challenging problems while serving as a U.S. Navy SEAL Officer. His responsibility spanned the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Having completed 14 overseas deployments, Eric has lived through and led hundreds of high-risk combat missions and training exercises that provided a security blanket against extremism for the international community. Also an ABC news analyst, Eric is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and holds a Master’s degree from Naval Postgraduate School. 

Oehlerich said today, “We explore every possible option to arm and ready our armed forces for war. We owe our veterans the same level of commitment when it comes to recovering from trauma experienced during their tenure in the armed forces. Together, we can change the way care is given and change lives for the better.”

With these appointments today VAHA marks its continued expansion of advocacy for the veterans right to access life-saving treatment in the form of cannabis. 

“We’re gaining momentum and policymakers are hearing us. Veterans’ voices are being heard. Together, we can make a difference,” Hess concluded. 

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