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VAHA-SC Enters the Final Push For SCCCA

Hess and Veterans elevate their experience to legislators

Columbia, SC – Veterans for Holistic Alternatives, founder Gary Hess said today that veterans and their families should contact their lawmakers in support of the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, as he begins a big push towards a vote in the House of Representatives.

“We are neighbors, co-workers, and parents. Many of us continue to serve in our communities. But many of our brothers and sisters are suffering.  The SCCCA would offer safe, regulated access to promising therapeutic treatments and we are hopeful the House will agree,” Hess said today. 

Hess said that VAHA-SC would be running targeted digital advertising throughout the week in key areas around the state. Hess is also planning on meeting with community and political leaders in Columbia as the bill is being debated. 

“A veteran takes their life every three days here in South Carolina. Suicide, opioid addiction, chronic disease, all of these conditions may be treated safely with medical cannabis. A legal program is needed and necessary,” Hess concluded. 

To view the video, click Visitors to the site can also share their stories and contact their state representative.

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May 3, 2022