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Veterans Urge Action by the GOP Support Consideration of the NCCCA by the Full House

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Raleigh, NC – The Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives of North Carolina (VAHA-NC) is calling on members of the Republican Caucus of the North Carolina House of Representatives to vote in favor of moving the North Carolina Compassionate Care Act to consideration by the full body.

VAHA-NC, has been organizing veterans around the state and met in Raleigh recently to talk with over two dozen house lawmakers. They are now making direct appeals in the closing hours before the caucus vote, sending personal emails and making phone calls to tell their stories. They are urging lawmakers to watch the video below to understand the crisis and sense of urgency among the veteran community here in North Carolina.

Since 2001, The United States has lost just over 7000 service members to combat operations.  In that same period of time, we have lost over 120,000 veterans to suicide.

Gary Hess, founder of VAHA said today, “North Carolina prides itself as being the most ‘veteran-friendly’ state in the country, but veteran suicide in North Carolina is 2.5 times the national average. 1/3 of the veteran community suffers from multiple chronic conditions. We are in a crisis that can’t wait to be addressed. The time to act on NCCCA is now.”

“We did not ask our country to wait when we were called upon to serve.  Do not make us wait any longer to access an alternative to the failed pharmaceutical strategy that has resulted in a health crisis in the veteran community.”

“The efficacy of medical cannabis can bring much-needed relief to the veteran community.  We, along with our families and our children, are asking for your leadership to bring SB711 to the floor and provide the relief that we deserve, Hess concluded.”